Aurel Violas Trio

New EP ‘A Dancing Mind’


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Télérama Sortir (France):

“French Amsterdam-based drummer Aurel Violas’s compositions oscillate between the rhythmical fearlessness of contemporary jazz and a more romantic inspiration. Far from restricting the music to the obsolete clichés it is too often associated with, the latter provides the trio’s expression with fulness and eloquence.”

Together with French pianist Benjamin Thiébault and German bass player Daniel Nagel, the trio interprets Aurel Violas’s compositions and arrangements. The repertoire blends energetic and intriguing rhythmical curiosities, stimulating the listener’s visual imagination, with simple and serene melodies, tinged with nostalgia. The result is a lively and organic music, bringing interaction and inventiveness to the forefront.

Chai Masters

Photo by Anisa Xhomaqi

With melodic charm and group spirit, they have found a solid group identity
Joe Woodard (All about jazz).

The Chai Masters strive to create jazz that stimulates the imagination. The band mainly interprets the music of Antonio Moreno Glazkov, whose compositions are inspired by one of the most unique literary movements of the last century: Magic Realism. Like a story that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, the repertoire is a narrative where flamenco, film soundtracks and contemporary jazz intermingle. Each composition takes the Chai Masters on an unknown path, and they take the listeners with them.

Antonio Moreno Glazkov – Trumpet / Lucas Membrilla Martinez – Saxophone / Liva Dumpe – Vocals / Adrian Moncada – Piano  / Matteo Mazzu – Bass / Aurel Violas – Drums