Aurel Violas Trio

Télérama Sortir (France):

“French Amsterdam-based drummer Aurel Violas’s compositions oscillate between the rhythmical fearlessness of contemporary jazz and a more romantic inspiration. Far from restricting the music to the obsolete clichés it is too often associated with, the latter provides the trio’s expression with fulness and eloquence.”

Together with French pianist Benjamin Thiébault and German bass player Daniel Nagel, the trio interprets Aurel Violas’s compositions and arrangements. The repertoire blends energetic and intriguing rhythmical curiosities, stimulating the listener’s visual imagination, with simple and appeased melodies, tinged with nostalgia. The result is a lively and organic music, bringing interaction and inventiveness to the forefront.

Chai Masters

Formed by five young international musicians, each of them being a composer, an arranger and a performer at once, Chai Masters is the pooling of all types of musical skills. The quintet crafts its own original music, an adventurous contemporary jazz, with influences ranging from Flamenco to French impressionism, all of it infused with South Indian carnatic techniques. As a result, the repertoire is just like an invigorating cup of chai tea: a subtle blend of sweet and spicy harmonies, served with energizing rhythms and uplifting melodies.
Based in Amsterdam, the band regularly performs in the Netherlands, and was selected for the 2020 edition of the Keep An Eye International Jazz Award. It released its first self-titled EP in July 2020.

Antonio Moreno Glazkov – Trumpet / Lucas Membrilla Martinez – Saxophone / Benjamin Thiébault – Piano     Arin Keshishi – Bass / Aurel Violas – Drums